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ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard®

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Why is the ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard® the right fleet card for my business?

Use the card for purchases at ARCO locations.  Plus use it for your fleet’s fuel and maintenance needs anywhere MasterCard cards are accepted.  It offers enhanced tracking, reporting and security controls.

So, if you have a large fleet that travels nationally or regionally, the ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard is the card for you because it allows you to fuel at any location that accepts MasterCard card.

Does this card offer discounts?

ARCO understands business. And we understand that managing your fleet expenses isn’t easy. That’s why we operate under the simple business philosophy of “high volume equals low cost.” By operating this way, we can offer you savings at the pump – directly affecting your bottom line. 
Is there a membership fee associated with the ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard?

The ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard costs just $10 per month for its extensive features.  This fee is waived for customers purchasing 5,000 or more gallons of fuel per month.
What type of fleet card controls do I have with my ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard?

The ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard offers complete control.
  • Set spending and usage limits for each card by day, week or cycle 
  • View real-time account data information online 24/7
  • A variety of comprehensive reports available sorted by exception, driver, vehicle, MPG readings or any of several other options.
  • Restrict purchases during off hours
  • Prevent convenience store purchases by limiting cards to fuel purchases only or purchase at the pump only
How can I prevent unauthorized purchases with the ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard?

The ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard gives you the ability to set limits and control types of purchases for each card.  You can also set prompts to ask for vehicle or driver number and the transaction will not be completed unless the correct number is entered.
Can I access my ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard account online?

Of course! In fact, we encourage our customers to use our website to access and monitor their account, manage their card features, control the security of their cards, and make payments. In addition, customers can access the many reports that are available. Online monthly invoices are free but there is a charge for paper statements.
What kind of reporting will I get with my ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard account?

The ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard offers several comprehensive report options for you to choose from including (but not limited to):
  • Invoice Report 
  • Vehicle Report 
  • Cardholder Activity Report 
  • Miles per Gallon Report 
  • Driver Report 
  • Exception Report 
  • Product Summary Report 
  • Merchant Location Activity Report
How long does it take to process my application and activate my account?

Typically, it takes 2 weeks to process an application if your account is approved.

Apply today for the ARCO Business Solutions MasterCard so we can get the process started!
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