Fleet Survey: Cost Savings a High Priority

May 25, 2010

A recent survey conducted by GE Capital Fleet Services at the annual NAFA Institute Expo in Detroit showed that almost half (48 percent) of C-level executives cite cost savings as a main focus for fleet management in 2010.

Of 75 fleet managers polled in the survey, 48 percent found cost savings to be deserving of primary focus, with 36 percent declaring it their top priority.  Coming in second was driver safety, with 21 percent of respondents claiming it as their top concern.

“As we emerge from the downturn, companies continue to be strategic about their fleets while remaining attentive to costs and working to improve overall fleet efficiency,” said Clarence Nunn, CEO of GE Capital Fleet Services. “With today’s advanced fleet management tools and services such as telematics and data analytics, fleet managers are able to help their company reach financial and operational goals.”

Fleet managers also said that real-time data such as miles driven and fuel consumption are the most important metrics for managing their fleets. Twenty-one percent of fleet managers surveyed selected workforce productivity metrics, such as jobs per day, travel time and deliveries per day, as another important data point that allows them most efficiently manage their fleets. 

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[via Automotive Fleet]

Photo courtesy of Photos8.com under the Creative Commons License