Money Savers: The Cheapest Cars to Repair

May 21, 2010

A new report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration examines the costs of post-collision repair among several major automakers. The result: if you’re concerned about repair costs, your best bet is a Ford.

Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles all “cost less to repair after a collision compared to other automakers’ vehicles in the same segments” according to Motor Trend.  “Nearly 80 percent of Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles matched or beat the industry average in vehicle repair.”  Second place Toyota (including Lexus and Scion) placed about 40 percent of its vehicles below the average cost.

The savings don’t end at the repair shop, either; insurance companies often take repair costs into account when calculating rates, so owning one of these low-risk autos will actually reduce your payments.

Ford has made an effort to develop new repair procedures and techniques to lower repair costs for its customers.  It’s obviously working for them, as Ford, Mercury and Lincoln vehicles lead ten of 26 segments in the study. 

For a list of all the segment leaders, click here.

[via U.S. News and Motor Trend]

Photo courtesy of JD Hancock under the Creative Commons License