Fleet Safety Tips: Hill Parking

Mar 25, 2010

The topic of AutomotiveFleet’s Fleet Safety Tips this week is safely parking on ahill. This information is especially useful for delivery drivers, so take alook:

Here’s some advice, takenfrom the California Driver Handbook,on how to properly park on a hill. You may want to pass this along to yourdrivers as a friendly reminder. 

When you park:


  • On a sloping driveway, turn the wheels so the car will not roll into the street if the brakes fail.
  • Headed downhill, turn your front wheels into the curb or toward the side of the road. Set the parking brake.
  • Headed uphill, turn your front wheels away from the curb and let your vehicle roll back a few inches. The back of the front wheel should gently touch the curb. Set the parking brake.
  • Headed either uphill or downhill and there is no curb, turn the wheels so the car will roll away from the center of the road if the brakes fail.
  • Always set your parking brake and leave the vehicle in gear or the “park” position.


Photo courtesy of MarcinWichary under the CreativeCommons License