Is Your Fleet Ready for Electric Vehicles?

Jul 23, 2009
A new study conducted by Better Place shows that almost 30 percent of prospective car buyers in the United States are considering buying an electric vehicle as their next car.  The study, which surveyed several nations, also showed a response of 57 percent in Israel, 40 percent in Denmark and 39 percent in Australia.  On average, the data shows that almost half of the world’s population (a significant 48 percent) are considering the switch to electric transportation.

Domestically, most of the respondents’ reasons for switching to an electric vehicle hinged heavily on social concerns, including dependence on foreign oil and environmentalism.  Also mentioned by many respondents was a desire to stimulate the US into becoming a leader in renewable energy.  Younger people tended to be more likely to consider electric vehicles.

With electric vehicles becoming more and more mainstream
, the choice to switch some of your fleet vehicles to electrics depends on your business model. Do you want your fleet to reflect your commitment to environmental issues?  Are you looking to expand with more fuel-efficient vehicles to cut long-term fuel costs?  If so, electric vehicles may be a good option (and the next best thing to a Fleet card!).

Photo courtesy of carrott under the Creative Commons License