California on Track for Gas Price Record

Oct 10, 2011
According to Sign On San Diego and the Automobile Club of Southern California, California may end 2011 with the highest average price per gallon of gas in history.

A gallon of regular unleaded was priced at $3.80 on average Monday in San Diego, down 3 cents from a week ago but well over the year-ago price of $3.01, with statewide gas prices on track to surpass the record yearlong average of $3.52 reached in 2008.


"Gas prices would have to average $2.44 a gallon between now and the end of the year for the yearlong average price to drop below the California annual record," said Jeffrey Spring, a spokesman for the Auto Club.


Gas prices have been very high nationwide this summer, but this news is pretty disturbing for high-volume fuel users like fleets. As the overall trend in gas prices continues to be increasing, make sure that you are managing your fleet’s fuel spending efficiently to help offset the cost of fuel with a fleet card!

Photo courtesy of Andre Faria Gomes and re-used under the Creative Commons license.