Distracted Driving: Not just a Cell Phone Issue

Jun 29, 2011

A recent video detailing the Distracted Driving incidents faced by two Kentucky Power Company workers sheds new light on the growing problem of distracted driving:

As you can see, distractions come in a variety of forms on the road, yet the discussion of distracted driving has remained largely defined by cell phone use or texting behind the wheel. Drivers can be distracted at any moment by common occurrences that are found along common routes. Remind your drivers that paying attention doesn’t mean just staying off the phone. They must keep their eyes on the road at all times, avoiding many other distractions:

• Adjusting the frequency of a CB radio, or even the vehicle’s radio dials

• Picking up dropped objects from the floor

• Reaching for objects in the back seat

• Straining to read billboards or other business signs

• Changing a CD

• Searching for documents in the console or glove compartment

• Eating or drinking

• Fidgeting with vehicle controls

• Entering information into GPS systems


These behaviors and more can take your drivers’ eyes off the road and put them at risk for an accident. Being distracted for even a few seconds can mean your vehicle is barreling down the road for hundreds of feet without a chance to stop or avoid hazards. It is important to stop drivers from texting or talking behind the wheel, but fleet safety goes much further than that. Encourage good driving habits and costly accidents won’t be a part of your fleet budget.


Photo courtesy of Endlisnis and re-used under the Creative Commons license.