• $50 Friday Contest

    Apr 20, 2009

    To continue on with our Friday contest series, this time we want to know what the craziest thing you or an employee did a company vehicle. Off roading? Crazy game of chicken?

    Let us know, and the one that makes our jaws drop will get a $50 Mastercard gift card.

    Contest will be open until next Thursday, April 23. Leave a comment below or on our official Twitter page.

    • Friday Contest

  • It’s Friday, which means it’s time for our next Friday contest.

    Last week, we wanted to know what the best excuse you’ve heard for a missing receipt, and we want to extend our congratulations to Twitter commenter, MissT09, who had a driver tell her their receipt got wet and was unreadable. Guess it’s better then the dog eating it….

    Now we want to know: what’s the craziest thing someone ever tried to claim as a business expense?

    Post your answer below or on Twitter, and we’ll award the best answer another $50 MasterCard© giftcard.

    • Friday Contest

  • Missing receipts are a common problem when trying to reimburse your employee expenses. You’ve probably heard all the standard ones:  it was in the pockets of the pants that I washed, I never got one,  the dog ate it.

    We want to know: what’s the best excuse you’ve ever heard from a driver or employee about why they didn’t have an expense reciept?

    Leave your answer below in the comments section, and we’ll pick the winner that makes us shake our head in disbelief and send them a $50 MasterCard gift card.

    Contest closes next Thursday, April 9!

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    • Friday Contest