Fuelman Diesel Advantage Fleet Card

Fuelman Diesel Advantage Fleet Card

Savings and Controls

Save up to 15¢ per gallon on diesel fuel with wholesale-based pricing.*

The Fuelman Diesel Advantage Fleet Card offers savings up to 15¢ on every gallon of diesel. In addition to wholesale-based pricing*, our purchase controls and detailed reporting can save your business up to 15% in overall fuel management costs through fuel spend monitoring and the prevention of driver theft and fraud.†

But the benefits only start there! The Diesel Advantage Fleet Card for Business helps you control fleet expenses, monitor fuel efficiency by vehicle, track spending by driver and prevent unauthorized purchases, before they happen — and that adds up to real savings over time!


  • Save Money: Save up to 15¢ per gallon on diesel fuel with wholesale-based pricing.* Additionally save at least 4¢ per gallon on diesel fuel for the first twelve months**
  • Save Time: Use the Diesel Advantage Fleet Card at 50,000 fueling and 20,000 maintenance merchants in the low-cost Fuelman Network nationwide
  • Control Spending:Choose when, where and what can be purchased by each fleet card
  • Consolidate Billing:Combine purchase details from retail, card-lock, onsite and mobile fleet fueling transactions


  • Save up to 15$cent; per gallon on diesel fuel with wholesale-based pricing*
  • Save at least 4¢ per gallon on diesel fuel for the first twelve months**
  • Save with preventive maintenance and discounts at select merchants


  • Assign fleet cards to drivers or vehicles for easy tracking
  • Customize card spending limits by gallons, dollars, time of day, or day of week
  • Receive real-time email alerts for purchase exceptions
  • Lock and unlock cards instantly


  • Consolidate your billing and combine your fuel and maintenance purchases all on one simple to read invoice and report
  • Take advantage of savings on preventative maintenance
  • Benefit from 24/7 real-time account access and customer service assistance

Fleet Management Tools

  • Review detailed activity reports by driver, vehicle, and department
  • Access a comprehensive yet simple, online account management tool
  • Find Fuelman Network locations around you with the www.Fuelman.com online site locator or the iOS or Android mobile apps

Billing Options

  • Save time and hassle with easy electronic billing and payment
  • Improve efficiencies with automated tax-exempt reporting for off road diesel

* Wholesale cost calculated as cost of fuel plus a small margin to cover freight and transaction fees. Actual savings vary based on the market and the retail price of fuel in the market. Customer's price will never be below Fuelman's cost paid to merchant. Transactions at Arco are subject to special pricing.

** 4¢ per gallon savings applies to all diesel gallons purchased during first twelve months following account set-up. Program pricing reevaluated annually and subject to change thereafter.

† A Fleet Financials survey shows that, on average, fleets that change from no fuel management program to a managed fuel program realize savings of up to 15% on their overall fuel management costs.

Program Terms and Conditions apply. Visit www.fuelman.com/terms for details. Fees may apply in some cases, such as for optional services, late payments and/or credit risk.

Fuelman® is a registered trademark of FLEETCOR Technologies Operating Company, LLC.