Fleet Card vs. Gas Card

Fleet Card vs. Gas Card   

A fleet card is a credit card that allows fleet managers to manage, report and control their company’s fuel and maintenance expenses while saving time and money. Unlike a credit card, a fleet card has superior controls, comprehensive reporting and convenience of use.


Fleet cards are not like typical gas cards:

A fleet card enables a business to purchase fuel and maintenance within a network of authorized fuel and maintenance merchants and provides detailed reporting for each transaction, while a gas card’s sole purpose is to purchase fuel.

 Fleet cards offer the following benefits:

• Manage your company’s fuel and maintenance expenses with timely detailed reporting
• Save money by reducing fraudulent fuel charges
• Save time by reducing paperwork
• Driver prompts help prevent fraud and let you track your purchases by driver and vehicle
• Account management restricts purchases and blocks cards
• Update PIN numbers
• View real-time transactions
• Change purchasing restrictions
• Easily locate fueling locations
• Reduced card fees
• Dedicated customer service teams

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