Fleet Fuel Tracking  


Fleet fuel tracking and management ultimately has a positive bottom line effect that pertains not only to vehicle and fuel costs but also extends to employee behavior.

Among the key benefits offered by fleet tracking programs are account management; vehicle and fuel gas maintenance and savings; operator behavior and roadside assistance.

  • Vehicle – Our fleet fuel card tracking ensures cost savings by reducing unauthorized expenses with purchase limits that can be set by time of day, day of week, transactions per day, dollars per day, or gallons per day. Fuel quantities and types may also be set in addition to vehicle maintenance report tracking.

  • Employee – Controls on fuel and maintenance ultimately means more control over vehicle operators ensuring not only safer driving, but also safer drivers with more responsibility to the job at hand.

  • Roadside Assistance – Our fleet tracking ensures timely roadside vehicle assistance in the event of a breakdown, designed to get you vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

FleetCards USA can help you tailored to meet your specific and changing needs and those of your fleet.