Fleet Management Systems 

Fleet management systems provide a fast and easy way to establish and maintain company fuel expenses with additional features that provide benefits affecting not only fleet vehicles but vehicle operators as well. 

A recent market survey from Aberdeen Group suggests that while cost savings are the obvious benefit of fleet management systems there are variety of other reasons for implementation. The research suggests a demonstrated cost savings by 80% of organizations who have undertaken implementation.

Additionally the research also revealed:

  • A 28% improvement in driver compliance
  • A 13% improvement in vehicle utilization
  • An 11% reduction in vehicle maintenance expenses
  • A 12% increase in overall service profitability

Other key findings included a 23% increase in warranty recovery and a 15% decrease in vehicle downtime.

As a fleet card system, our fleet cards benefits both fleets and merchants. Fleet managers get an advanced processing system that customizes and controls fleet spending, simplifies billing and provides convenient access to a 24-hour/365 day administrative support. At the same time, fleet card accepting merchants profit from a large, diverse network of fleets, and increasing volume to their sites.