Fleet Management Services 

Fleet services is a broad category term that defines the products, features and benefits befitting fleet management systems.

More often than not, fleet management services incorporate all or some of the following into their service offering:

  • Vehicle Acquisition
  • Fleet Maintenance 
  • Fleet Fuel Management
  • License & Registration Reminders and Renewals
  • Reporting
  • Internet Tools
  • Fleet Financing
  • Fleet Insurance Services
  • Fleet Credit Card Services
  • Fleet Disposal

Fleet Management Systems ultimately have a positive bottom line effect that pertains not only to vehicle and fuel costs but also extends to operator behavior. 

As a fleet card system, our fleet cards benefits both fleets and merchants. Fleet managers get an advanced processing system that customizes and controls fleet spending, simplifies billing and provides convenient access to a 24-hour/365 day administrative support. At the same time, profit from a large, diverse network of fleets, and increasing volume to their sites.