Fleet Fuel Card Program  

Fleet fuel management ultimately has a positive bottom line effect that pertains not only to vehicle and fuel costs but also extends to operator behavior.

Among the key benefits offered by the our fleet fuel card program are:

  • Pricing – Our fleet fuel card program offers both competitive and customized pricing according to fleet size and needs. Fuel cost savings are foremost, but additional savings can also be realized by creating sustained efficiencies fleet wide.
  • Reporting – Our fleet fuel card saves both time and money through demonstrated efficiencies in reporting. Fuel expenses are reduced by allowing only fuel and fuel and maintenance services. Unlike other cards, the FleetCards USA's fleet cards are not set as dollar limits and as such, not affected by fluctuations in fuel prices.
  • All-In-One Billing – Our fleet card comprehensive all-in-one billing realizes not only financial savings, but time savings as well. With weekly or bi-weekly vehicle management reporting, monthly summary reports, immediate email alerts advising of questionable purchases and maintenance service tracking and reporting all in one billing meets the needs of any business.

As a fleet fuel card system, our fleet cards benefits both fleets and merchants. Fleet managers get an advanced processing system that customizes and controls fleet spending, simplifies billing and provides convenient access to a 24-hour/365 day administrative support. At the same time, profit from a large, diverse network of fleets, and increasing volume to their sites.

Our fleet card solutions can be tailored to meet your specific and changing needs and those of your vehicle fleet.