BP Business Solutions Fuel Card Plus
Flexibility, control and convenience

BP Fuel Cards enhanced fuels management

Taking control of your expenses. 
The BP Business Solutions Fuel Card Plus provides your drivers with the highest quality fuels at thousands of BP branded locations in the U.S. The BP Fuel Card also gives you, the fleet manager, the ability to determine how each card can be used.

Same Great Features as the Fuel Card with several enhancements! 

Attractive Rebates

  • Earn rebates on gasoline and diesel purchases made at BP branded locations*

  • Monthly gallons for gasoline and diesel are totaled separately and rebate is based on number of gallons purchased at BP branded locations

  • Diesel rebates reach a maximum of 3.5¢* per gallon
    Example of Savings:
    Total of 6,000 gallons of fuel (gasoline and diesel) purchased for the month
    4,000 gasoline = 4¢* per gallon rebate ($160)
    2,000 diesel = 3.5¢* per gallon rebate ($70)
    $230 rebate earned*

Enhanced Reporting

  • Variety of reports available including Driver Report, Vehicle Report, Exceptions Report and more

Monthly Membership Fee

  • $10 monthly membership fee for accounts purchasing less than 5,000 gallons per month (fee waived if purchases exceed 5,000 gallons).

Security and Fraud Controls

  • Require a PIN to be entered before transaction can be completed

  • Set prompts to ask driver number, vehicle number or odometer reading

* Only for fuel purchased at BP branded locations. Account must be in good standing. Rebates are subject to change at any time without notice. Rebates may not be allowed where prohibited by law and apply only to fuel purchases made at participating BP branded locations in the U.S. Rebate not valid for off-road diesel, aviation, bulk fuel, propane or natural gas purchases.